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  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Spring, Fall, Year (Fall and Spring)
  • : Partner Program
  • : Anthropology and Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Communication and Rhetoric, Economics, Health in a Global Context, History, History of Art and Architecture, Neuroscience, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics
  • : See "Pricing and Dates" below for more information -
  • : $18,099 In-State / $23,405 Out-of-State (Per Semester)
  • : Spring 2018: Oct 8 | Fall and Full Year 2018: March 25
  • : 3.25 GPA, Clear Judicial Record, Junior, Senior


During your semester or academic year at Trinity College Dublin, you'll have the opportunity to take almost any course offered on campus.  While there are some limitations (notably English literature and theatre), the broad range of classes available means that you'll be able to take care of major, minor, certificate, and general education requirements!

You'll work with the Study Abroad Office and your academic advisor to identify courses (known as 'modules' at TCD) that you are interested in taking, along with one or two back-ups for each.  

Start exploring all of the courses avialable to you by going to the Trinity College Dublin Module Directory. 

One important thing to know is that grading and exams work much differently at Trinity than they do at Pitt.  Trinity has published a good guide for international students that you should read and understand before moving forward with the program.

You'll want to be sure to pick and approve multiple courses for each requirement that you need to fulfill.  Scheduling at TCD works differently than Pitt and there is a greater chance that there will be time conflicts.  Brice can give you more information and help you decide if the academics at TCD are right for you.

Some departments have pre-approved courses at Trinity.  You'll find those below:

If you choose to go for the fall or academic year, you'll also earn credit for the Semester Start-Up Programme.  This three-week program is meant to give you an introduction to Irish culture and history.  A condensed, non-credit, one-week option is available if you are studying abroad in the spring.  Learn more here.

On-Site Faculty And Staff

While at Trinity College Dublin, you'll have the support of the Trinity College Dublin International Students office.  Their team is available to help you with items such a registration, housing, adapting to life in Ireland, and emergencies.  You'll get more information about their team at orientation in Pittsburgh and Dublin.  Additionally, you'll have the support of the Binary Hub team to deal with any housing issues.  And, a Pitt Study Abroad staff member is on call 24/7 in the US should you run into any emergencies.  


Pitt and Trinity College Dublin have made arrangements with the Binary Hub for your accomodations.  A short walk to campus (about 15 minutes), the Binary Hub offers double rooms with kitchens and bathrooms, a full suite of student-focused programming, and even a resident dog!  

More importantly, however, the Binary Hub brings together Irish and international students, giving you the opportunity to create global networks during your time in Dublin.  Read more about the Binary Hub here.  

Pricing And Dates

In-State Fee Out-of-State Fee
$18,199 $23,505 (approx).
Arrive in Dublin Depart Dublin
Early January 2019 Late May 2019

You will receive exact dates for the program upon your acceptance by Trinity in mid-November. For your departure, note that there is a 4 week exam period, and you must plan on staying in Dublin through the end of the term.  


In-State Fee* Out-of-State Fee*
$18,199 $23,505
Arrive in Dublin Depart Dublin
Late August 2019 Late December 2019

*Fees are subject to slight change once 2017-2018 tuition rates are published.



In-State Fee* Out-of-State Fee*
$36,398 $47,010
Arrive in Dublin Depart Dublin
Early August 2018 Late May 2019

*Fees are subject to slight change once 2019-2020 tuition rates are published.


Keep in mind that dates change.  You shouldn't book airfare until given confirmation from your program manager.


Inclusions & Exclusions

As a part of your program fee, the following are included:

  • Tuition for up to 15 credits (5 modules) per semester
  • Housing
  • Full access to the services, clubs, and societies of Trinity College Dublin
  • Semester Start Up Programme
  • International Health Insurance

While your program fee will cover most of your expenses, keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Flight ($1,000 - $1,200)
  • Irish Immigration Fee (~$200, to be paid upon arrival in Ireland)
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($400 per semester)
  • Deposit ($350, to be credited to your PittPay account)
  • Meals and personal expenses ($500-$1,000 per month, depending on lifestyle and housing)
  • Books ($100-$300 per semester)

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

Special Information

In addition to your application to Pitt, you are required to complete an application to Trinity College Dublin.  A link to this application is available in your Pitt Study Abroad profile.

Trinity College Dublin requires a minimum GPA of 3.3  

Acceptance by Pitt Study Abroad does not guarantee acceptance by Trinity College Dublin.  In addition to your application at Pitt, you must apply directly to Trinity.  A link is in your application. 

Ready to get started on your application?  

Program Staff

Brice Lynn

Walk-In Advising Hours: By Appointment Only

Hey there.  I'm Brice and I'm one of the Assistant Directors at Pitt Study Abroad.  I'm a born-and-raised Pittsburgher (and have the accent to prove it).  My own study abroad experience as a Pitt student took me to Granada, Spain.  Between my host family, the food, and all of the embarrassing language mistakes I made, it turned out to be some of the best months of my life. Now, I'm here to help you make your own study abroad experience a reality.  When I'm not in the office, you can usually find me falling out of yoga poses, riding my bike, and ruining all of these physical activities with a plate of pierogi (extra butter and onions, please).  Get in touch with me at bel18@pitt.edu or 412-383-1029.

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