Comparative Economics of Central Europe: Prague and Krakow

Study in the heart of Central Europe and get a feel for its past and development during this 3-week program. You will earn 3-credits while you study in Prague and Krakow. These cities are the ideal place to study post World War II economic and political redevelopment. This program is ideal for any student interested in history, politics, sociology, economics, and culture of post-war Czech Republic and Poland.

Student Teaching in Bolivia

This is a student teaching program for Education Majors. This is an excellent opportunity for students to apply methods learned at Pitt Greensburg or Pitt Johnstown to a real-world teaching experience! Students will spend half of the semester in Bolivia and the other half on their Pitt campus to complete their academics and to student teach. The student teaching placement is at Calvert CCS - Cochabamba Cooperative School, a local international school whose curriculum is primarily in English.

Urban-Rural Healthcare in Pittsburgh & Bradford

You will learn how the American health care system works, what are some of the fundamental ideas that have framed it and the processes taken to modify it.  You will learn the trends of healthcare delivery in rural and urban settings, by using Bradford and Pittsburgh, respectively, as models. You will also gain insight into causes of the disparities that exist between rural and urban settings.  You will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of politics and economics on healthcare in these settings.


Exploration of Energy and Electrification: Brazil

This international experience course will explore energy conversion, conservation, delivery, and end-use in Brazil. Students will learn about the history of Brazilian energy infrastructure, and how it has driven Brazil’s strategy to generate and use renewable energy. There will be a heavy focus on hydropower which makes up the largest percentage of Brazil’s energy generation. In addition, students will explore new and emerging technologies which take advantage of other means of renewable energy. Students will also be exposed to Brazilian culture including food, music, dance, and sports.

Comparative Healthcare in Graz

This study abroad experience in Graz, Austria will immerse you in an international environment where healthcare and policy differs significantly from the United States This five-week, 6-credit study abroad experience will give you the opportunity to explore healthcare through a comparative lens, using Austria and Slovenia as specific examples to contrast with the United States. This program is designed for any student who is interested in healthcare or on the pre-med track.

Pitt in London Semester

Study in one of the most vibrant, exciting and culturally rich cities in the world. Pitt in London offers a variety of courses across different disciplines and an optional part-time internship. Your lecturers will be faculty from universities throughout the city along with Pitt faculty based at the CAPA London Center. Whether you study English Literature, Political Science, History, or Business London will be your classroom and textbook. You have the option to pursue an international work experience for credit through an internship and advance your intercultural communication skills.