Yonsei Int'l Summer School

Yonsei University International Summer School: Spend the summer in Seoul with other international students who want to take a wide variety of English-taught classes to fulfill degree requirements. Field trips and cultural activities are included. Housing is in on-campus dorms (apply early).



University of Nicosia - UNIC

UNIC-University of Nicosia (Cyprus): Study in beautiful Cyprus for the Fall, Spring or Summer and choose a wide range of courses, including health sciences taught in English. Some semester programs may include international travel; a 7-city tour of Cyprus in included in the program fee. Housing is shared apartments, arranged by the program.

University of Haifa

University of Haifa (Israel): Fall, Spring Full Year or Summer (Intensive Arabic only) are offered for students who want to take a wide range of courses taught in English. Hebrew and Arabic classes available as well. Internships available. Social and cultural activities arranged by staff. Housing is in university dorms.




Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University: Study for Fall, Spring or Summer with other international students in this cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean. A wide range of courses to fulfill major, minor or gen-ed requirements are offered. Highlights are the vibrant, culturally rich city itself and the chance to visit the Negev Desert, the Dead Sea and the Galilee. Housing is in on-campus dorms.




SRAS Russia

SRAS Russia: Spend Fall, Spring Summer of full year in one of SRAS’s several sites in Russia. Study Russian, Area Studies, Political Science, History and more. Students of all levels of Russian are eligible to apply. Local and regions excursions available. Housing varies by site; see SRAS’s website for details.




SRAS Kyrgyzstan

SRAS Kygryzstan: Spend a Fall, Spring Summer or full year in Central Asia to study Russian, other Central Asian languages, Area Studies and more. Students who stay for a second semester will have the option of adding an internship or research project to their study of Russian.  Extensive regional travel included in the program. Housing is homestay.

Pitt in Sydney - Semester

Whether you are just looking to take classes abroad or take classes alongside an internship, Pitt in Sydney offers you what you need.
Sydney is a breathtaking, exciting, and culturally rich Global City. With more than 120 nationalities living here, Sydney is one of the largest multi-cultural cities in the world. You can enjoy cuisine from around the globe and take part in annual international celebrations such as Buddha's Birthday, Multicultural Festival, and Chinese New Year.

Math in Budapest

Budapest Semester in Mathematics: Fall, Spring or Summer terms are available in this highly acclaimed study abroad program for advanced students that nurtures mathematical talent. Instruction is in English. Housing is shared apartments in housing that is arranged by the program.