What to Expect: Overview

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Your global experiences at the University of Pittsburgh are holistic in that they encompass and transform almost every aspect of your life.  The informational pages under “What to Expect” reflect that approach.    
Use the following as a guide to navigate the website and enhance your global experiences as a Pitt student.

Overview – provides an overview of the information pages.
Timeline - gives you a (almost) step-by-step view of the global experience process from start to finish
Practical Matters – includes information on the application and post-decision process and in-country matters like getting phones, communication, etc.
Safety and Security – focuses on essential information like travel warnings, personal decision-making strategies, and other topics related to your safety before you depart, during your travels, and after you return.
Your Health – provides information related to health matters, immunizations, and general tips for staying healthy while traveling.
Wellness – contains information about the 8 dimensions of your own wellness throughout your global experience
Diversity and Identity - provides resources to prepare for various cultural experiences you’ll encounter while away.
Alumni – provides information and opportunities for you after you return home.