Getting Started

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With more than 350 programs to choose from, finding the study abroad program that is right for you can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be!  We’re giving you the tools that you need to start asking yourself what you truly want out of your study abroad experience.  Plus, our team of advisors is ready to help too – check out our Walk-In Hours to see when we’re available to meet in person.

Why choose a global experience?

  • To develop global skills. From problem solving to cross-cultural communication, international experiences give you the opportunity to develop and refine important skills in a unique and enriching environment.

  • Employers value global experiences. In a recent study, 61 percent of employers agreed that global experience is a beneficial experience and is valuable on a resume.

  • To set yourself apart. Only one in ten American students study abroad. It will require work on your part, but an international experience can set you apart from the majority of your peers.

  • Individualized program options. People go abroad for lots of reasons – unusual academic offerings, professional development,  volunteer opportunities, and more! 

What next?

We've put together a comprehensive timeline that will walk you through the global experience process from choosing a program to talking about your experience on a resume.  Check out the timeline and all of the other resources and information we've gathered for you.