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University of Hong Kong, Year 2017-18
What would you recommend other students experience while in your host city/country? This can include sightseeing locations, foods, cultural experiences, etc...
Being awarded the Friends of HKU schlarship has led me to reflect on my first semester studying abroad in Hong Kong. The semester felt like it flew by. Looking back now, I remember making my first friend at an orientation meeting. Later that day, my friend and I explored Hong Kong's Tin Hau district by randomly choosing a stop on the MTR's Island Line. While exploring, we inadvertently walked in a giant circle searching for food (we eventually ate Japanese food). As I explored more on my own, I found links between different districts and built a map in my head, so I can now reliably find my way from one to another. Studying abroad at HKU has been educational but not just in terms of school work. In my first semester, I studied hard, made friends, did both tourist and cultural activities (I was even lucky enough to attend a wedding and try traditional wedding banquet food!), and explored the streets of Hong Kong. Wandering around and successfully ordering delicious street food felt like a great accomplishment due to my feeble Cantonese skills. I have many fond memories, and I am glad to still have time to make more.