abroadSELECT: London School of Economics and Political Science


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will give a you the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious departments of Economics in the United Kingdom through their General Course option. In late September, you will engage in the British tutorial system, allowing you to study a wide range of topics alongside British peers. The abroadSELECT program is extremely competitive and admission will be highly selective.

In addition to courses in the Department of Economics, you can take up to 2 courses in other departments, giving you the flexibility to fulfill requirements for multiple majors or minors while still taking advantage of a world-class Economics education.


Learning Objectives: 

As an active and engaged participant on this program, you will have the opportunity to develop:

  • the ability to succeed independently in a foreign education environment.
  • non-US based perspectives on your field of study and/or future career path.
  • a global network of peer in similar fields of study and connections with faculty in the United Kingdom.


Partner Information: 
General Course Admissions
Student Marketing and Recruitment 
London School of Economics and Political Science
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE
United Kingdom
Location Description: 

If your first thoughts of London are the Royal Family and Downton Abbey, prepare to be blown away. English history and culture are juxtaposed against streets lined with Indian restaurants and Chinese New Year celebrations. The birthplace of the English language is now home to speakers of more than 30 other languages – not counting the variety of English accents you will hear. Skyscrapers tower over 17th-century buildings while Big Ben overlooks the River Thames. Study abroad in London and you find yourself constantly surprised by what you discover in one of the world’s most diverse and global cities.

Housing Description: 

Part of the experience is to live like a Londoner.  The overwhelming majority of students choose to live in shared apartments – the English call them flats – spread across the city.  You will be one of as many as eight students living in a flat, which includes shared bedrooms and bathrooms, living space, and access to laundry facilities, all in a secure building.  The flats also come with an equipped kitchen; note meals are not included in the program fee.  Apartments are as varied as the city itself; no two flats are alike. 
Housing is guaranteed by LSE since you will be studying there for a full academic year. Once you've accepted your offer to study at LSE, you will be sent more information about accommodation. Pitt students are advised to select Catered accomodation through LSE and should apply by the end of May. Find the specific application deadline and more here

Academic Description: 
Credits taken at LSE require approval by both your academic advisor(s) and study abroad program manager. Additionally, for the purpose of full-time status here at Pitt, students should be prepared to take what is equivalent to at least 12 and no more than 18 Pitt credit hours.   
Some departments have pre-approved courses at LSE.  You are not limited to just these courses.  You'll find the pre-approved courses below:

LSE Module

Pitt Equivalent

EC100 Economics A and EC102 Economics B  

Econ 0100 and 0110

EC201 Microeconomic Principles I and EC202 Microeconomic Principles II

Econ 1100

EC210 Macroeconomic Principles  

Econ 1110

EC220 Introduction to Econometrics

Econ 1150

EC221 Principles of Econometrics

Econ 1000

EC230 Economics in Public Policy  

Econ 1000

EC301 Advanced Economic Analysis  

Econ 1000

EC302 Political Economy  

Econ 1000

EC307 Development Economics  

Econ 1530

EC309 Econometric Theory

Econ 1000

EC311 History of Economics: How Theories Change

Econ 1000

EC313 Industrial Economics

Econ 1470

EC315 International Economics  

Econ 1500

EC317 Labour Economics  

Econ 1420

EC319 Games and Economic Behaviour  

Econ 1200

EC321 Monetary Economics

Econ 1280

EC325 Public Economics  

Econ 1230

EC333 Problems of Applied Econometrics

Econ 1000

EH101 The Internationalisation of Economic Growth, 1870 to the present day

Econ 0000

EH102 Pre-industrial Economic History

Econ 0000

EH204 Money and Finance: From the Middle Ages to Modernity

Econ 0000

EH207 The Making of an Economic Superpower: China since 1850

Econ 0000

EH208 Economic History Lab: Cities, Economy and Society, 1550-1750

Econ 0000

EH211 Africa and the World Economy, 1500-2000

Econ 0000

EH225 Latin America and the International Economy

Econ 0000

EH238 The Origins of Growth

Econ 0000

EH240 Business and Economic Performance since 1945: Britain in International Context

Econ 0000

EH309 Slavery from Ancient Greece to the Gulag

Econ 0000

EH311 Atlantic World Slavery

Econ 0000

Courses taken at LSE will be treated as Pitt credits and will be marked as letter grades on a Pitt student's transcript. In other words, credits will affect Pitt GPAs.
Below is a list of subject areas students in the past have taken courses in.  You are not limited to just these subjects.
Click on "General Course Modules" below to view courses offered for each area of study at LSE.  Note that this is not an exhaustive list of courses and is from the most recent academic year.
Students who have attended this program in the past have taken classes in the areas of:: 
Political Science

Unlike Pitt, LSE’s grading scale assigns numerical values between 0 – 100, with 100 representing the highest grade achievable. It is important to understand that few students in the British system receive grades higher than 70. Participation on this Partner Program means that Pitt students will earn actual letter grades, and therefore grades earned through this program will affect the Pitt GPA, and appear on the Pitt transcript. Pitt students may utilize the following online resource to understand the grading scale within this host country.

Pitt will utilize the following grade scale to determine the letter grades: 

70+ = A

65 – 69 = A-

60 – 64 = B+

55-59 = B

50 – 54 = B-

45 – 49 = C


Program Fees: 
Pitt students participating on a partner program will pay regular Pitt tuition and fees, according to their in-state or out-of-state residency status. In addition, Pitt students will also be responsible for the Study Abroad Administrative Fee.  
Pitt Students on financial aid and/or tuition scholarships will need to consult the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid or respective entity providing the funds to confirm coverage for study abroad. 
*The following financial figures are from the most recent academic year.  The cost for the 2022-23 academic year has not yet been determined.*

Items Billed by Pitt

  In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $9,546 $17,062
Housing/Other $8,653 $8,653
Study Abroad Fee $400 $400
Total Billed by Pitt $18,599 $26,115
As a part of the total billed by Pitt, the following are included in the program:
  • Tuition for 12-18 credits
  • Housing
  • Orientation in London
  • Health Insurance


How Much To Budget: 

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

Estimated Additional Out-of-Pocket Costs

Travel Expenses: Airfare, Passport, Visa, Resident Permit  $2,000
Food $3,000 - 5,000
Personal Expenses $1,000 - 5,000


Keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Program Deposit ($350, to be credited to your program bill)
  • Textbooks ($200)
  • Local Cell Phone ($100)


Program Dates: 

Pitt students enroll at LSE for a full academic year (two full semesters). LSE's academic calendars may differ from Pitt's normal fall (August through December) and spring (January through April) semesters, so Pitt students should check the academic calendar at the partner university. Like Pitt, LSE’s academic calendar follows a Fall-Spring progression, meaning Fall is the first semester followed by the Spring semester as the second. The dates listed above are estimated and therefore subject to change according to the host university’s schedule.

Bryan Schultz

Greetings!  I am the Director of Global and Experiential Programs at the University Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh.  I've been at Pitt since 2011 and during this time served in the Study Abroad Office, Swanson School of Engineering and the College of Business Administration.  My portfolio of responsibilities includes expanding global and experiential opportunities for Pitt Honors students.  Prior to joining Pitt my career focused on providing executive-level leadership and consulting to nonprofit organizations in Colorado and Washington DC. 
I graduated from Kalamazoo College (MI) with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and earned a Master of Nonprofit Management degree from Regis University (CO).  During my free tine I enjoy long backpacking trips, following Detroit-based professional sports, painting, going to concerts, and exploring new places - especially those overseas.



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Application Instructions: 

Pitt sends a limited number of students per semester to LSE. In addition to applying to the Pitt Study Abroad application above, be sure to review LSE's website regarding their application requirements for incoming exchange students. A formal nomination from Pitt Study Abroad is required for Pitt students to be recognized as a study abroad student at LSE. Therefore, Pitt students must complete all necessary Pitt Study Abroad steps in addition to LSE's requirements. In other words, acceptance by Pitt Study Abroad does not guarantee acceptance by the partner university.  
The partner university may require the following to be submitted through an online application. Requirements may include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Application Form 
  • Copy of Valid Passport 
  • Official Pitt Transcript 
  • Official Pitt Verification of Enrollment 
  • Statement of Intent or Purpose 
  • Resume or CV 
  • Official Language Evaluation 
  • Up to 2 instructor letters of recommendations 
  • Up to 2 passport photos 


Additional Information: 

Language Requirements: Non-native English speakers will be required to show evidence of English proficiency either through the IELTS or the TOEFL. Please check with LSE regarding these requirements. 

Insurance Requirements: 

Students studying abroad through Pitt Study Abroad are automatically provided health insurance coverage during the official program dates. However, the United Kingdom may require Pitt students to purchase additional coverage through their national health plans, depending on the length of the exchange. See the details here.  

Visa Requirements: 

In order to study as a student in specific countries, a visa is required. A visa is formal endorsement by the host country to grant permission for an individual to enter, live or stay in that country for a specific purpose and period. In addition to a visa, some host countries may require a residency permit upon arrival. 


As part of your study abroad program in the UK, you may be required to apply for a student visa.  Please be aware that UK visa processing times may be delayed due to ongoing impacts of the global pandemic.  Obtaining a visa a solely your responsibility and is a very detailed process.  You should be prepared to do the following:

  • Begin your visa application process as soon as you receive the detailed instructions and guidance from your host institution or program manager
  • Follow the instructions carefully, checking for mistakes
  • Respond promptly to any requests for follow-up or additional information related to your visa application
  • Check to ensure that your returned passport has the appropriate visa stamp prior to departing the U.S.

Failure to follow the visa instructions fully may result in additional cost beyond the visa application fee or visa denial. 

For those without British nationality, students must obtain a Tier 4 Visa to study for a full academic year in the United Kingdom. For an overview regarding the visa process, please review LSE's website. Also, check the British Embassy or consulate closest to you for additional information. LSE will provide general direction after formal admission on how to apply for either the visa and/or residency permit. Pitt students should also research the visa and/or permit process through the specified country consulate website. In general visa and/or permit application requirements include but are not limited to the following requirements:  

  • Visa application 
  • Valid Passport 
  • Verification of acceptance from sponsoring university (exchange university) 
  • Financial Documents, such as bank statements, tax documents or pay statements.   
  • Passport photos 
  • Application fee 
  • Medical/physical examination (likely to require a doctor's appointment so plan accordingly)