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The Finances section provides information related to understanding the costs involved in a global experience and how to fund and pay for your experience.

In addition to this page, please also refer to the Financial Wellness page for tips and resources on maintaining your financial wellness before, during, and after your global experience.

Much like the countries and cultures in which you can study, the cost of participating in a program can vary widely and is affected by a variety of factors.  While you may want to focus on the more exciting aspects of the process, it is important to understand the total cost of your experience and the varying ways in which you can finance your program. 

Each and every student that participates on a program will fund their experience in different ways, which may include:

  • University of Pittsburgh scholarships and/or financial aid
  • Federal and/or state grants
  • Federal and/or private student loans 
  • University of Pittsburgh study abroad-specific scholarships
  • National study abroad scholarships 
  • Personal funds
  • ...and many other funding sources

Figuring out how to fund your experience will likely be a collaborative process that involves you, your family, the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, your study abroad advisor, and your prorgam provider.