Frequently Asked Questions

It is your responsibility to determine what vaccines you may or may not need based on where you will be studying and traveling.  Keep in mind that some countries may even require proof of vaccination before allowing entry or issuing visas.  The Study Abroad Office cannot give you advice on vaccines, so you must check with the Centers for Disease Control, Allegheny County Health Department (or your home county’s health department), or your family doctor.

The US Department of State maintains a comprehensive list of travel alerts and warnings for American citizens overseas.  The Study Abroad Office has different policies for undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and faculty traveling to countries with active travel warnings.  If you are planning on studying abroad in a country with an active travel warning, read the document below and contact Jeff Whitehead, Director, with any questions or concerns.  

Yes.  Remember that personal travel must not conflict with classes, internships, and mandatory excursions.  Travel or travel-related delays are never an acceptable reason for missing part of your program.

Your program manager, host university, or program provider will give you specific information on booking flights after you have been accepted to the program.  You should not book flights before then.

Yes, our office can provide you with a letter to release you from your housing contract after you return your Study Abroad Agreement.

If you are planning on living in on-campus housing, you should speak with Panther Central at 412-648-1100. If you are planning on living off-campus, you can either sign a lease before you leave or find a sublet.  The Office of Off-Campus Living ( maintains a list of available sublets in and around Oakland.

Generally, you should plan on using your U.S. credit and debit cards while overseas and withdrawing money from an ATM.  More information on this topic will be given at orientation. 

For Panther Programs, grades are generally available 6-8 weeks after the program ends and will be posted to your PeopleSoft account much like grades on campus. For Exchange Programs and Pitt-Recognized Programs, your host university or program provider will send a copy of your transcript directly to you as well as to our office.  It can easily take 8 weeks or more for this to occur.

Generally, you can study abroad during your final term.  However, there are a few things to know: You must receive permission from the Dean of your school or college to do so.  This form is available as a part of your study abroad application. Your graduation will most likely be delayed by one semester due to the time it takes for our office to receive your grades and/or transcripts.

Global Programs at Home are included in your Pitt tuition!  The credits for your program count towards your total enrollment for the semester, so keep that in mind when planning your schedule.  If you register for more than 18 credits, including your program, you will be assessed a credit overload fee by the University.  More information on charges for taking more than 18 credits can be found here.

If you are accepted and decide to participate in the program, you will be required to pay a $350 non-refundable deposit to secure your place.  This deposit is paid through your Pitt Study Abroad Application Portal and is applied to your tuition bill for the term of your program.  If you decide to withdraw from the program after paying your deposit, it will not be refunded to you.

Global Programs at Home give you the opportunity to gain valuable global experience without the need to travel.  Internships, consulting projects, service-learning projects, and specialized coursework help you get closer to your academic, professional, and personal goals.  All of these opportunities leverage the technology and resources that keep us connected day-to-day to allow you to work with and learn from professional and experts from across the world.

The minimum requires to apply for a Global Program at Home are a 2.75 GPA and academic, professional, and personal goals that are aligned with the content of the program.  Some programs may have additional requirement - you can find that information on each progarm's page on our site.

You can begin your application to the program(s) that interest you by clicking "Apply Now" on the program page.  You'll be taken to the Pitt Study Abroad application portal where you'll complete any essays or additional questionnaires that are required to make a decision on your application. 

Each program has a due date that is specific to that program, which you can find on the program's application page, your application portal home page, and the application itself.

Once you've complete all of the required elements, don't forget to click the "Submit" button to make sure your program manager receives your application.