Frequently Asked Questions

Us!  Stop by our office in 802 William Pitt Union (Monday-Friday, 9:30 AM – 5 PM), call us at 412-648-7413, or email us at If you are looking for a specific person in your school or on your campus, visit Our Team.

We have a variety of ways for you to stay involved and connected with your experience.  You can: Apply for a Study Abroad Office Internship Volunteer at the Study Abroad Fair Help with study abroad marketing. Email us at to get started!

Who your advisor is depends on your school, campus, and type of program that you choose.  Visit Our Team to find your advisor or meet with an advisor during general advising walk-in hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10AM-2PM via

Skype, Google Voice, Facebook, iMessage, Facetime…the possibilities are endless.  We don’t recommend calling home from a cell phone unless it is an emergency given the high cost of international calls.

The majority of our programs require that you have a cell phone with a local number while abroad.  Your study abroad advisor or program leader will give you more information on how to obtain one.  

Yes!  You should be aware that there may be additional visa requirements.  You should speak to your study abroad advisor before choosing a program.

Yes!  You can attend any of our programs but we recommend you meet with your academic advisor as early as possible since they can help you choose the right program and the best time for you to go abroad.  

No.  Pitt Study Abroad believes that upholding our GPA requirement ensures that students will be prepared to be successful on their program. 

We have five different types of programs that we offer, and each one is a bit different.

Panther Programs: developed and run by Pitt Study Abroad in connection with Pitt faculty.  Grades factor into your GPA and you are billed by Pitt.

Study Away: Panther Programs that take place within the US or Canada

Partner Programs: overseas partners.  Like Panther Programs without Pitt Faculty.  Grades factor into your GPA and you are billed by Pitt.

Exchange Programs: one to one relationships with overseas partners.  Tuition is billed by Pitt, housing in on your own.  Grades do not factor into your GPA.

Pitt-Recognized Programs: approved programs from other organizations.  Pay your host organization directly.  Grades do not factor into your GPA.

More information is here.

A disciplinary record does not necessarily preclude you from studying abroad, but you need to understand the situations and circumstances in which it can do so.  Our Application Requirements page has more information.

Yes, but only the semester or summer after you have graduated.  Get in touch with us at for more information.

Yes! In fact, many of our programs offer business courses approved by Pitt Business to count toward degree requirements, and also offer internship opportunities tailored for business students. Pitt Business houses an International Programs Office that provides advising and program management services for Pitt Business students.  Please stop by 2600 Sennott Square or contact their office at 412-383-7489 or

Yes!  Various departments on campus offer study abroad programs for graduate students.  You may also be able to participate on a program designed for undergraduate students, with your Dean’s approval.

Yes! In fact, many of our programs offer engineering courses approved by Pitt Engineering to count toward degree requirements for engineering students. Swanson houses an Engineering International Programs Office that offers advising and program management services for engineering students.  Please stop by 152 Benedum Hall or contact their office at 412-624-9823.

We recommend that you begin planning your study abroad experience no later than one full academic term prior to your anticipated departure.  Ideally, you will begin planning to study abroad during your first year.  The earlier you start, the easier it is to find courses to fit your academic plans. You can best prepare by researching our programs to find the right choice for you, talking to our peer advisors and program managers and meeting with your academic advisors.

No, although certain programs do have language requirements.  Remember, too, that it is always helpful to know some of the host language.  

Yes!  You must complete 24 credits on a Pitt campus before you are eligible to go abroad.

While most students study abroad the spring semester of their junior year, you can do so any time after you have completed 24 credits on a Pitt campus. We believe the best time for you to study abroad is whenever you feel ready, whether that be academically, financially, or mentally ready.

To be eligible to apply for a program, you have to have completed 24 credits on campus, have at least a 2.75 GPA, and a fairly clear judicial record.  That said, there's a lot more that goes into reviewing applications, so we encourage you to read all of our Application Requirements to understand how we'll review your application.

Yes!  We offer study abroad programs specifically designed for you, and you can also attend any of our other programs.  We recommend you meet with your academic advisor as early as possible since they can help you choose the right program and the best time for you to go abroad.