For Faculty and Staff

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Thanks for your interest in leading a Pitt Study Abroad Panther Program!  Our team, together with faculty like yourself, have developed more than 150 programs across the globe.  Since 2011, nearly 9,000 Pitt students have been able to get acheieve to their academic, professional, and personal goals while learning from faculty leaders who are experts in their field.

If you are interested in joining the hundreds of Pitt faculty who have led programs overseas, there are two ways that you can get involved:

Propose a New Panther Program

You have an idea for a new program that serves a major, school, academic theme, or country in which Pitt Study Abroad has limited or no offerings.  This development process typically takes 12-18 months, during which time you will create a proposal concept and, if accepted, work with the Pitt Study Abroad team to develop a full program.  All concepts and final programs must be approved by governing committees and the Office of the Provost before promoting the program or recruting students.

Learn more about proposing a program

Apply to Join an Existing Panther Program

You are interested in becoming a member of the Pitt Study Abroad community and teaching overseas but do not want to go through the process of developing an entire program.  Pitt Study Abroad maintains a list of faculty who may be interested in joining a program should space become available.

Learn more about applying to existing programs