Quick Info

  • Havana, Cuba
  • Summer
  • : Panther Program
  • : Spanish Language, Literature, and Studies
  • : May 18 - June 29, 2019
  • : $5,999 In-Sate | $6,199 Out-of-State
  • : January 20, 2019
  • : 3.0 GPA, Pitt Students: Must have completed 24 credits on a Pitt campus, Clear Judicial Record


Pitt in Cuba offers a total of 9 credits, all of which are taught in Spanish.  

Begin the program with a two-week intensive language course.  The content of this course will be determined by a language test upon arrival.  Coursework may count towards UCIS CLAS certificate.  

This two-week intense language immersion course will help build your speaking and writing abilities through in-class discussions and written exercises. The specific content of this course will be determined by a language test upon arrival. 

Cuba is a country rich in both history and culture.  From the "discovery" of the New World to the Castro government, there is much to learn about this Caribbean country. This course will likely include multiple fieldtrips to different parts of the city that help highlight Cuba's diverse past and present. 

Your Cuban film class will introduce you to the extraordinary productions of cinematography Cuban filmmakers have accomplished over the last century. You will learn how the film industry intertwines with Cuba's political scene and how that has transformed the way local citizens and foreigners view and compose cinema.  

The 13XX level course on the program fulfills the 1300-level requirement for the Spanish Major and Minor.
The 1400-level coursees on the program fullfil the 1400-level requirements for the Spanish Major and Minor. 

On-Site Faculty And Staff

Dr. Anita Sanz is a Professor of Biology at the University of Havana and has been working with Pitt students studying abroad in Cuba since 2008.  As the Pitt contact in Havana, Anita will help you get settled in to your residence and accompany you on most of your excursions.  Anita will also serve as a resource for questions of culture, language, and general life in Cuba!

Dr. Armando Rangel and Dr. Vannesa Vazquez are faculty in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Habana.

Additional faculty from the University of Havana will teach your Spainsh course and film course.

While in Havana, you will be accompanied by a University of Pittsburgh graduate student.  S/he will live in the Journalist Hotel and serve as a cultural, academic, and linguistic resource for you while abroad.  Additionally, you will have the support of the University of Havana International Programs staff.


El Costillar de Rocinante (also known as the Journalist Hotel, El Hotelito, and many other names) is your home for the program. Located just 10 minutes on foot from La Universidad de Habana and 15 minutes from the Malecón, El Costillar de Rocinante is a comortable and typical Cuban residence.  A large dining room (with two meals per day included) with a spacious and cool lobby opens onto a wrap-around veranda.  Enjoy the Cuban breeze as you work on school work, relax with friends, or chat with other guests at the hotel.  Double rooms (with air conidtioning) open onto a second-floor veranda as well. El Costillar is no Hilton but is a safe and comfortable place to stay in Havana. 

El Costillar de Rocinante is a part of the José Martí Institute for International Journalism and, as such, serves as a residence for journalists and scholars throughout Latin America.  As the only group of Americans at the hotel, you'll have the opportunity to practice your Spanish and meet people from across Latin America.

Pricing And Dates

In-State Fee Out-of-State Fee
$5,999 $6,199
Arrive in Havana Depart Havana
May 18, 2019 June 29, 2019


Keep in mind that dates change.  You shouldn't book airfare until given confirmation from your program manager.


Inclusions & Exclusions

As a part of your Pitt in Cuba fee, the following are included in the program:

  • Tuition for 9 credits
  • Housing in a double room
  • Breakfast and dinner at the hotel
  • Airfare from Domestic Departure City to Havana (approximately $800 value)
  • Airport Transfer in Havana
  • City of Havana Tour
  • Culture events and activities

While your program fee will cover most of your expenses, keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Program Deposit ($350, to be credited to your account)
  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($300)
  • Visa Fee ($75)
  • Transportation to Domestic Departure airport (varies based on location and method of travel)
  • Personal Expenses ($500-$1,000, depending on how much you eat out)

Given the normalization of relations with Cuba, laws and policies regarding payment may change.  For now, Pitt Study Abroad recommends that you plan on taking all funds you might need with you in CASH.  Although the situation is changing, you should plan on not having access to your debit or credit card while in Cuba.

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

Special Information

It is important that you remember that studying abroad in Cuba is a unique and rewarding experience, but it is not without its challenges. A few things to consider: Internet access is extremely limited in Cuba and many websites accessible from the U.S. (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail) may or may not be accessible while you are abroad. Communication with the United States by phone can be difficult and you cannot send mail between the two countries. Although this seems daunting, it offers you the opportunity to achieve a level of cultural immersion that simply is not possible on a majority of other study abroad programs.

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Program Staff

Brice Lynn

Walk-In Advising Hours: By Appointment Only

Hey there.  I'm Brice and I'm one of the Assistant Directors at Pitt Study Abroad.  I'm a born-and-raised Pittsburgher (and have the accent to prove it).  My own study abroad experience as a Pitt student took me to Granada, Spain.  Between my host family, the food, and all of the embarrassing language mistakes I made, it turned out to be some of the best months of my life. Now, I'm here to help you make your own study abroad experience a reality.  When I'm not in the office, you can usually find me falling out of yoga poses, riding my bike, and ruining all of these physical activities with a plate of pierogi (extra butter and onions, please).  Get in touch with me at bel18@pitt.edu or 412-383-1029.

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