PittFund$Me: common scholarships for Global Experiences

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PittFund$Me connects you with real, relevant scholarships. As a current Pitt student, you can log into PittFund$Me – hosted on the Scholarship Universe system – and answer a series of profile questions. The adaptive matching engine will display scholarship opportunities that are tailored to you. And don’t worry – you’ll only see institutional scholarships and vetted outside scholarships so you can be confident as you submit scholarship applications. You’ll be able to manage  all scholarship applications in a personalized dashboard – and will even post alerts for new scholarships for which you may be eligible.   Be proactive and take ownership of the scholarship search process. We know the difference that that funding can make and we want to help streamline this process as much as possible.


Below are some of the common scholarships found on PittFund$Me that Pitt students have utilized towards their Global Experiences.  This is not an exhaustive list; many others are listed in PittFund$Me and new scholarships are added regularly.   Please note, deadlines and full details are listed on the PittFund$Me site and are updated regularly.  You may search for these scholarships in PittFund$Me using the scholarship titles listed below. 


  • Pitt Global Experiences Office (GEO) Scholarships
  • Carl F. Poke Endowed Fund for Student Travel
  • College of Business Administration Global Experiences Scholarship
  • Ervine-McCourt Scholarship for Study Abroad
  • Frederick Honors College Global and Experiential Programs Scholarship
  • Show Them the World 
  • Swanson School of Engineering Global Experiences Scholarships  
  • VIH Scholarship Program – Pittsburgh  
  • VIH Scholarship Program – Johnstown  
  • VIH Scholarship Program – Bradford 
  • VIH Scholarship Program - Greensburg