The Jesus College Cambridge Fellowship

The Jesus College Cambridge Fellowship gives one Pitt student the opportunity to study at Jesus College Cambridge each academic year.  If you are selected to represent Pitt, you'll spend an academic year integrated in the small and tight-knit community of students studying the Natural Sciences at Jesus College Cambridge.  A part of the larger University of Cambridge system, Jesus College is known for excellence in the natural sciences and medicine. 
A year at Jesus College Cambridge is incredibly different from a year at Pitt.  You'll study only three courses (known as tripos) throughout the academic year, but the breadth and depth of knowledge that you gain in each will amaze you.   A tutor will guide you through the process, creating a course that is designed just for you.  Weekly reading, discussions, and lectures from across the University challenge you academically. 

What You'll Accomplish

As an active and engaged participant on this program, you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of the natural sciences through the British tutorial system
  • Integrate into the Jesus College Cambridge community 
  • Develop your skills at both first and second-hand research

Jesus College Cambridge is one of the oldest Colleges at the University of Cambridge.  With a campus dating back to 1496, Jesus College Cambridge's grounds are full of history and beauty.  The town of Cambridge offers plenty to keep you busy and you'll be a short train ride from London and dozens of other cities in the UK.

Where You'll Live

You will live like any other student that attends Jesus College in one of the historic "houses" or residence halls.  Accomodations typically include:

  • Single room with bed and desk
  • Shared bathrooms, living space, and equipped kitchen
  • Housing over winter and spring breaks, if desired 

Linens and towels are typically not included.  Meals are not included. 

What You'll Study

Unlike Pitt, Jesus College Cambridge is not a liberal arts college.  Students are accepted into a major or field of study and only take courses within that area.  This means that you will have an entire year of nothing but natural sciences, but it also means that you cannot take other courses that interest you or that you need to fulfill requirements for other majors or minors.  Participating in the fellowship will require careful planning with your academic advisor and may require you take summer courses or stay an additional semester.  However, most students feel that the opportunity is worth it!
While at Camridge, you'll be able to take courses from Year 1 And Year 2 (Part IA and Part IB). Click here to read more.

Cambridge Teaching Style
The educational system at Jesus College is very different than what you are used to at Pitt.  You will select a total of three courses (known as tripos) that you will study for the entire academic year.  Each tripos is led by a tutor who will be your guide through your learning, and what you study will be a collaborative process with your tutor that will involve a set of outcomes that are expected for each student as well as readings and assignments that are tailored to your interest.  For each tripos, you can expect:

  • a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with your tutor and a few other students where you'll discuss your readings, clarify concepts, and receive readings for the next meeting
  • a written assignment (non-graded) for each meeting with your tutor where you'll synthesize assigned readings and lectures
  • lectures from across all of the colleges at Cambridge that are relevant to your interests and studies 

Learning at Cambridge is incredibly self-guided, and there is only one assessment:  a final, written exam at the end of the year.   

Credits at Pitt
If selected to participate, you'll work with your academic advisor to determine how the tripos that you take will apply to your degree requirements.  You will receive 10 Pitt credits for each tripos (5 per term, 30 credits total).  Grading is on a S/NC basis. 

Experiential Learning Description

While at Cambridge, you will have the opportunity to engage in research with faculty from across the College.  Research opportunities cannot be arranged before you arrive in Cambridge and are not guaranteed, but students in the past have almost always been able to find opportunities that meet their interests.  

Your Pitt Study Abroad Contacts

Brice Lynn

Hey there.  I'm Brice and I'm one of the Assistant Directors at Pitt Study Abroad.  I'm a born-and-raised Pittsburgher (and have the accent to prove it).  My own study abroad experience as a Pitt student took me to Granada, Spain.  Between my host family, the food, and all of the embarrassing language mistakes I made, it turned out to be some of the best months of my life. Now, I'm here to help you make your own study abroad experience a reality.  When I'm not in the office, you can usually find me falling out of yoga poses, riding my bike, and ruining all of these physical activities with a plate of pierogi (extra butter and onions, please).  Get in touch with me at or 412-383-1029.

Items Billed by Pitt Per Term 

  In-State Out-of-State
Tuition $9,314 $14,903
Program Fee $9,686 $9,686
Study Abroad Fee $400 $400
Total Billed by Pitt $19,400 $24,988

Estimated Additional Out-of-Pocket Costs Per Term

Round Trip Airfare $1,000 - $2,000
UK Visa $400
Personal Expenses $4,000

Total Estimated Program Cost Per Term

  In-State Out-of-State

Total Estimated Cost of Program
(Includes items billed by Pitt and additional expenses)

$24,800 - $25,800 $29,389 - 30,389


What's Included

Keep in mind that dates change.  You shouldn't book airfare until given confirmation from your program manager.
As a part of your program fee, the following are included:

  • Tuition for 30 credits
  • Housing on-campus at Jesus College
  • All maintence and college fees 
When You'll Go

You'll arrive to Jesus College in late September or early October.  There is a 4 week winter break during which time you can return home, travel throughout Europe, or stay at Jesus College. The academic year ends in mid June.  Exact dates will be provided to you the summer before your participation.  

What Else You Need to Know

Students will be required to take part in an interview as a part of the application process.  The strongest applicants will have researched the academic progarms available at JCC and have a clear motivation and goal for applying to the program.