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Intern Spotlight: Meet Anisha Mallik!

Hi everyone! I’m Anisha and I am a junior this year. I’m from the Scranton area, and I am studying Politics-Philosophy and Economics. Last year, I had the awesome opportunity to study abroad for the entire Spring semester. I was a part of the very first cohort for the Global Diversity Program. We spent five weeks each in Greece, the Czech Republic, and Ireland! We were in the island of Paros for two weeks, and then we spent three weeks in Athens. We then traveled to Prague and Dublin. It was a very unique program that allowed us to view Europe in many different lights. Since it was a Panther Program, I traveled with other Pitt students, as well as with a Pitt faculty member. He taught us a course on Race and Ethnicity in a Global Perspective, as well as one in Gender Equality in Europe. We took those two courses through all three countries, as well as one country-specific course taught by local faculty in each place. In Greece, we took a course about migration patterns into the European Union. In the Czech Republic, we studied Eastern European Cultures and Societies. Finally, in Ireland we participated in service-learning as our class. I was placed at an organization called Fighting Words, which was a volunteer-run center that focused on harnessing imagination and creative writing skills in children and adults. All the courses we took included excursions and class outings, which were wonderful ways to continue incorporating the local communities into our coursework. When we were not in class, my friends and I liked to explore the cities and find new hole-in-the-wall coffee shops and restaurants. We tried to find live local musicians as well as any other local performers we could enjoy. The program was the highlight of my time at Pitt, and it truly exceeded all of my expectations.

Here at the Study Abroad Office, I am interning with an awesome group of girls. We peer advise students who come in with questions about studying abroad, and I always enjoy giving advice and tips & tricks from my own experience. I never get sick of talking about my time abroad, and I love helping other students plan their time oversees. For my intern project, I am working on creating a facet of the website tailored to sharing experiences and giving advice for women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community going abroad. If you are a student considering studying abroad, I encourage you to come see us in the office!