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  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Spring, Fall, Year (Fall and Spring)
  • : Exchange
  • : Anthropology and Archaeology, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Communication and Rhetoric, Computing and Information Science, East Asian Languages, Literature, and Studies, Economics, Education, Engineering, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Statistics
  • : 8/26/2019 - 12/22/2019
  • : Regular Pitt tuition and fees + living expenses + airfare. See details in Inclusions & Exclusions.
  • : Fall: Friday, 03/22/2019; additional information must also be submitted to this institution directly.
  • : 3.0 GPA


At Yonsei University, courses are taught in Korean and in English.  Overall, about 25% of the coursework at Yonsei are conducted in English.  Specific courses will be offered in one of the two languages.  

Students taking courses at Yonsei will be required to a minimum of 9 credits and no more than 18 credits, but for the purposes of full-time status here at Pitt, students should be prepared to take what is equivalent to 12 Pitt credit hours .  As a part of the cultural experience Yonsei offers Korean Language Courses specifically designed for visiting students.  

Yonsei's Office of International Affairs has a recommended number of courses for exchange students studying there.  For a full list of courses, students may visit Yonsei's course portal.  

Student Life

Yonsei is a dynamic university with a rich campus life.  True to its reputation as a genuinely globalized university, Yonsei students meet and mix with international students through such channels as the Mentors Club, which links Korean students with international students on a one-to-one basis, and the International Yonsei Club, which arranges various activities and events to promote interaction between the Korean Yonseians and the ever-growing number of international Yonseians.  For more details, please visit Yonsei's website.  



Yonsei International House provides a home away from home up to an international service standard. It provides a 24-hour front desk operation and security system, which ensure living convenience and security. Students and guests can enjoy various facilities and services within a global community.

Yonsei University's international house (Gukje Haksa) operates two properties of SK Global House and Internationl House. They have all the equipment and facilities required in this day of information, technology, and globalization. It can accommodate up to 817 students in single and double rooms. The house is available for students from all nationalities registered at any division related to Yonsei such as undergraduate, graduate, KLI, visiting professors with relation to Yonsei University, etc. The objective is to create a global environment for all residents; there are many languages spoken in the house, although the main language for communication is English.

The House has many facilities for residents to use, including a kitchen with public refrigerators, a music room, a fitness center, a coin-operated laundry, a computer room, a dry cleaning shop, a lounge area, a study room, a seminar room, a video room, and different services which can be used by residents and non-residents, like a food court, a convenient store, a flower shop, a school supply store, a nail shop, and a fast food restaurant.

Alternatives to the International house include living with relatives in Seoul or in the boarding houses catering to Yonsei students (at prices that are somewhat higher than the International house). Yonsei University encourages students to live with a Korean family, if possible, for their second semester of residence. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations.  

Note that housing is not guaranteed.  Details are here.  

Pricing And Dates

Arrive in Seoul Depart Seoul

Late Febuary

Late June

Arrive in Seoul Depart Seoul

Late August 

Late December 

Keep in mind that dates are subject to change.  You shouldn't book airfare until given confirmation from the exchange university.

Inclusions & Exclusions

You will pay regular tuition and fees to the University of Pittsburgh. If you have a tuition scholarship, please check with the entity providing the scholarship to confirm coverage for studying abroad. 

While you will pay Pitt tuition and fees (Student Activity Fee; Wellness Fee; Computer and Network Services Fee; Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee; International Services Fee (if applicable)), keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($400.00)
  • Deposit ($350, to be credited to your PittPay account)
  • Airfare (roundtrip ~ $1,000-2,000)
  • Visa Fee
  • Room and Board (~$1,700)
  • Meals and personal expenses ($500-$1,000 per month, depending on lifestyle and housing)
  • Books ($100-$300 per semester)
  • Transportation (~$400)
  • Personal expenses (depends on personal spending habits)

Personal expenses vary with individual students. Wondering about the cost of living? You can review the Yonsei website for more information. 

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our budgeting page for more information.

Special Information

Acceptance by Pitt Study Abroad does not guarantee acceptance by the exchange university. 

Insurance: Students are required to purchase medical insurance covering the period of stay in Korea.  Yonsei does not participate in any insurance plans, so students will be required to find a plan of their own.  See the details here.  

Visa: For those without Korean nationality, students need a D-2 student visa to study in Korea.  For an overview regarding the visa process, please review Yonsei's website.  Also, check the Korean Embassy or consulate closest to you for additional information.  

Language Requirements: Non-native English speakers will be required to show evidence of English proficiency either through the IELTS or the TOELF.  Please check with Yonsei regarding the requirements.   

Ready to get started on your application?  

Program Staff

Jessica Sun

Walk-In Advising Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 2 - 4 p.m.

Hailing from the great state of Texas, I am the exchange program manager at the Study Abroad Office at Pitt.  I am so excited to be a part of your exchange experience, be it here at Pitt or over at another institution overseas.  I studied abroad in Tuscany, Italy, while I was in school and absolutely loved all the experiences that came with exploring fresh pasta, Renaissance art and new experiences.  I certainly hope that you will love your exchange experience just as much wherever you choose.  Outside of the office, I am all about cities, food, art history and tea.  Good eating and traveling!  Let me know if you should have any questions at jessicasun@pitt.edu or at +1 412-383-7165.