Quick Info

  • Heilbronn, Germany
  • Spring, Year (Fall and Spring)
  • : Exchange
  • : Business, Economics
  • : Summer or Full Year - -
  • : Regular Pitt tuition and fees + living expenses + airfare
  • : Spring: Friday, 6 October 2017; Fall/Academic Year: Friday, 23 March 2018. Additional information must also be submitted to this institution directly.
  • : 3.0 GPA, Pitt Students: Must have completed 24 credits on a Pitt campus, Clear Judicial Record


Students have the opportunity of taking classes from these main areas of study: Business, International Business and Economics, and Hospitality and Tourism. A variety of programs are available within each area, along with a diverse course catalog. It is also a great choice for students with no foreign language background, as a good percentage of the classes are taught in English as well as German, and a few are also taught in French, Spanish, and Arabic. A German language class is required - level will be determined by a placement test.  


Student Life

The extracurricular program at Heilbronn University aims to promote students' intellectual, cultural, and sporting interests and to encourage the acquisition of key qualifications, including interdisciplinary discussions, critical reflection as well as personal fulfilment and development. The Office of Student Services further offers a wide range of fitness activities and other clubs and societies for students.



There are two sets of Residence Halls near the university. However, there is only about a 50% chance of obtaining a room in one of these residences, so finding an apartment is another option that is popular for this program.


Pricing And Dates

Arrive in Heilbronn Depart Heilbronn
September February


Arrive in Heilbronn Depart Heilbronn
March  August


Keep in mind that dates change.  You shouldn't book airfare until given confirmation from your program manager.

Inclusions & Exclusions

You will pay regular tuition and fees to the University of Pittsburgh. Students from any Pitt campus may apply for this program.  If you have a tuition scholarship, please check with the entity providing the scholarship to confirm coverage for studying abroad. 

While you will pay Pitt tuition and fees, keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($400.00)
  • Airfare (round trip ~$1,000.00 - $2,000)
  • Room and board
  • Personal expenses (depends on personal spending habits)

Here is a monthly estimated breakdown of the costs: 

  • Student Residence: 190- 270 Euro
  • Private Accommodation: 250-350 Euro
  • Food: 250-300 Euro
  • Public Transportation: Heilbronns International Students are gifted a public transportation semester ticket, for which they can use all the local buses. This price is normally around 108 Euro
  • Health Insurance: 75-80 Euro
  • Euro Total: 515-730 Euro/month

Personal expenses vary with individual students. Wondering about the cost of living? You can review the Heilbronn website for more information. 

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you'll need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

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