Quick Info

  • Mexico City
  • Spring, Fall, Year (Fall and Spring)
  • : Exchange
  • : Economics, History, Political Science
  • : 8/15/2019 - 12/15/2019
  • : Regular Pitt tuition and fees + living expenses + airfare. See details in Inclusions & Exclusions.
  • : Fall: Friday, 03/22/2019; additional information must also be submitted to this institution directly.
  • : 3.0 GPA, Pitt Students: Must have completed 24 credits on a Pitt campus, Clear Judicial Record, 2 semesters (or equivalent) of host language


Most courses are taught in Spanish.  Usually courses involve three hours of class a week divided into two 90 minute sessions that meet twice per week, some involve four hours of class per week with one to two hours of lab work. CIDE undergraduate exchange students are expected to take four or five courses per semester (students may sign up for up to six and narrow their choices to four or five after the first week of classes). 

CIDE’s grading system is on a 0.0-10.0 scale with a minimum score of a 6.0 necessary to be considered passing.

Courses are offered in the following subjects.

            -Political Science and International Relations



            -Public Policy

More information can be found here

Additionally, CIDE does offer Spanish language courses at no extra cost to exchange students who may desire to take them.  

Student Life

CIDE provides access of the following to every undergraduate student:  research professors, an academic tutor per student, research programs carried out by the academic staff, small group interactions between students and faculty, one of the best libraries in Latin America for social sciences, and language courses at no additional cost.

There is more to do at CIDE than just study. You’ll find different extracurricular activities like Pilates, jazz, spinning, yoga, Tae Bo, chess, ballroom dancing, a movie club, debate club, soccer, and basketball and volleyball tournaments. There is also a great city to explore filled with close to 100 museums and 50 art galleries , the national Opera House, the Palace of Fine Arts, and archeological ruins to explore (just a short bus ride outside the city). As one of the leading social science and law research centers in Mexico, CIDE hosts a number of conferences every semester by leading authorities from Mexico and abroad.

There is also a mentoring program exchange students are welcome to participate in including a LGBT community and a Women’s community.


CIDE does not have a dorm, exchange students are provided a list of lodging options and access to the “Accommodation Network” which offers alternative lodging possibilities.  These include: homestays, shared apartments with students (either Mexican or foreign students), renting a room in a guest house, or renting a single apartment.

Pricing And Dates

Arrive in Mexico City Depart Mexico City
 Late January Mid June

Arrive in Mexico City Depart Mexico City
Mid August Late December

You will pay tuition and fees to the University of Pittsburgh.  If you have a tuition scholarship, please check with the entity providing the scholarship to confirm coverage for studying abroad.  Keep in mind that dates change.  You should not book airfare until given confirmation from the host institution.


Inclusions & Exclusions

CIDE’s estimated cost of living per month is approximately $786 US Dollars, including: 

  • Accommodation $314 
  • Food $236
  • Transportation $63
  • Books & Literature $47
  • Other expenses $126  

While you will pay Pitt tuition and fees (Student Activity Fee; Wellness Fee; Computer and Network Services Fee; Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee; International Services Fee (if applicable)), keep in mind that you are also responsible for the following:

  • Study Abroad Administrative Fee ($400.00)
  • Deposit ($350, to be credited to your PittPay account)
  • Airfare (roundtrip ~ $1,000-2,000)
  • Visa Fee
  • Room and Board 
  • Personal Expenses (depends on personal spending habits)

Remember that your lifestyle and spending choices can greatly affect the amount of money you will need while abroad.  Visit our Budgeting page for more information.

Special Information

Acceptance by Pitt Study Abroad does not guarantee acceptance by the exchange university. 

Visa:  Mexico requires foreign exchange students to obtain a student visa (FM3 Estudiante) even nationals of countries with visa-free entry to Mexico.  Once accepted to CIDE you must visit the Embassy of Mexico to obtain the required visa.  To obtain a visa you must provide your letter of acceptance, your letter of nomination from the University of Pittsburgh, bank account statements showing sufficient funds, a birth certificate (original and a copy), and a form of identification from the US government (driver’s license, social security card, or national identity card). Please see the following link for more information.  Upon arrival in Mexico students are required to go to the offices of the National Institute of migration to file further paperwork with the state.  More indepth information can be found here.   

Language:  Most courses are taught in Spanish and students must provide a proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking the Spanish language at the CEFR B2 level.  This must be demonstrated by providing an official certificate of Spanish proficiency.  CIDE reccommends a certificate from Instituto Cervantes which can be found here.  A compulsory test of your Spanish language knowledge is required upon arrival. CIDE provides Spanish language courses to exchange students at no extra cost.

Insurance:  CIDE requires all incoming exchange students to obtain international travel insurance and medical insurance.  CIDE will not issue an acceptance letter to student until the insurance requirements are met.  

Ready to get started on your application?  

Program Staff

Jessica Sun

Walk-In Advising Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 2 - 4 p.m.

Hailing from the great state of Texas, I am the exchange program manager at the Study Abroad Office at Pitt.  I am so excited to be a part of your exchange experience, be it here at Pitt or over at another institution overseas.  I studied abroad in Tuscany, Italy, while I was in school and absolutely loved all the experiences that came with exploring fresh pasta, Renaissance art and new experiences.  I certainly hope that you will love your exchange experience just as much wherever you choose.  Outside of the office, I am all about cities, food, art history and tea.  Good eating and traveling!  Let me know if you should have any questions at jessicasun@pitt.edu or at +1 412-383-7165.