Academic Checklist

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Send Transcripts (Exchanges & PRPs)

Prior to the finish of your study abroad experience, complete the required procedures at your host institution to ensure that an official transcript is received by the Pitt Study Abroad Office (3959 Fifth Avenue, WPU 802, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 USA).  Make certain that you do not have any remaining financial obligations to the host institution, or else they may bar your ability to send and receive official copies of the transcripts. Per the Study Abroad Participant Agreement, it is your responsibility to make sure that this official transcript does come back to Pitt.    As a reminder, it may take up to 4 months from when you complete your exchange experience for the transcript to reach the Pitt Study Abroad Office.  Upon receipt, your program manager will inform you of its receipt and forward the document to your respective school at Pitt for further processing.    It is a good idea to request extra copies of the host institution transcripts to be sent to your home address for your personal records. You may never know if your future graduate school applications or job applications will require a copy.

Your study abroad credits in Pitt's system will remain as an incomplete (“I”) grade until the official transcript is received.  When it is received a review of the grades through your Dean's Office will determine whether the appropriate grade will be satisfactory/pass ("S") or no credit/fail ("NC").

When you return to Pitt, review your degree audit with your academic advisor(s) to ensure that the appropriate credits are applied to relevant requirements.  You are advised to save copies of your study abroad course materials, if additional approvals are necessary.

Take a Language Placement Test

If you took language-intensive courses during your study abroad experience and are interested in continuing your language learning, schedule a placement test at Pitt through one of the 30+ language areas. This will allow you to be formally assessed and placed into appropriate level at Pitt..

If you were within your last 30 credits, you were asked to submit a Special Permission Form in order to receive permission to study abroad. At that time, you were provided specific instructions by your Dean’s Office as to how to apply for graduation.