2017 marks the first year that the summer Japanese intensive language program will be followed by a ten day study abroad program. Students have the opportunity to learn firsthand, to try out what they have learned in language study over the summer, to immerse themselves in the culture, and hopefully to inspire them to take more Japanese at an advanced level at Pitt.

The study tour is not limited to summer intensive language students.  Any interested student is eligible to apply.

As part of the instruction (15 hours total), EALL will hold a pre-departure orientation and post-return debriefing. Twelve hours of instruction will take place while on the tour.  Participants receive one credit hour for the experience.

A limited number of airfare stipends are available in order to assist students who might not otherwise be able to participate because of the cost. 

If your first thoughts of Japan are Pokémon and Samurai, prepare to be blown away. A visit to the Kansai region of Japan introduces you to the special mix that thousands of years of Japanese history and culture can produce.  Once known as the cradle of Japanese civilization, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka flourish today as castles and temples age alongside skyscrapers and apartment complexes. Travel to Kansai Japan and be surprised by what you can discover from ancient and modern architecture, from visits to art museums, castles, ancient temples, and bunraku theater.  Learn more about popular culture and street food.  Reflect on Japan’s remarkable history of yesterday and its place in the globalized consumer culture of today.  

For more information about the study tour, contact Leslie Ann Smedley (smedley@pitt.edu) in the Study Abroad Office (http://www.abroad.pitt.edu/) or Charles Exley (exley@pitt.edu) in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, or visit www.deall.pitt.edu/summer-programs.