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About the Study Abroad Office

Founded in 1981, the Study Abroad office is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2011. The Study Abroad Office develops programs and facilitates educational experiences for approximately 1400 students each year in over 100 countries. Study abroad affords students the opportunity to engage in a unique, credit-worthy learning experience and to develop as global citizens. In addition to developing programs and monitoring academic quality, the Study Abroad Office assesses the learning outcomes of study abroad and contributes to national initiatives as a leader in the field of international education.

Study abroad is an increasingly important and attractive component of a well-rounded education. As such, the University encourages all students to consider the option to study abroad as a significant enhancement to their undergraduate education.  Students who travel and study in another country can complement their major or minor coursework or simply deepen their appreciation of another culture. Study abroad provides students a chance to explore first-hand the language, history, and people of another land and, in the process, gain a competitive edge in the employment marketplace.

Along with branch offices in the School of Engineering, the College of General Studies, and the College of Business Administration, the Study Abroad Office assists students who are interest
ed in exploring the study abroad options available: University-sponsored Panther Programs, Exchange Programs, and various third-party Pitt-Recognized programs (see appended explanation of each program type). Panther Programs account for 55% of the students who study abroad each year followed by Pitt-Recognized Programs (40%) and Exchange Programs (5%). The office maintains a resource center and a staff of experienced advisors to help students in choosing a program which suits their needs and interests.

The Study Abroad Office is part of the University Center for International Studies (UCIS). In addition to visiting our office, students should consider pursuing an Area Studies Certificate.

Last modified 11/02/2012